About Us

Our Story 

Green Earth Baby Works, LLC (GEBW) is a small New Hampshire business started in 2009 by founder and President Kimberly Leo. Our goal is to provide new mothers with a place that they feel comfortable to discuss diapering options, preview different brands and types, and purchase cloth diaper and accessories with a personal experience. 

Kim's initial experience with cloth diapers was with her two children starting in 2007. Initially interested of her options, Kim researched and tried the large variety of cloth diaper products learning which diaper and features fit her need, budget limits, fit, and which were effective. The major problem was that there wasn't a local resource or store with the product and expertise available to help her along the process. Between trades, presents, and deals on line, Kim had quickly accumulated a large collection of diapers and accessories. By the time of her second child's birth, Kim had over 2 dozen variety diapers/brands filling the entire spare bedroom including exclusive products for alpaca and pima cotton. When her husband joked she had such a large inventory and constantly being asked by new mothers about diapering, she should just start her own business. GEBW was started. The initial concept of the company was a simple an online retail and consultation service to assist new mothers interested in the green alternative to disposable diapers. After a while, Kim noticed that there were a large group of new moms unable, for either financial, limited time/convenience, of lifestyle prevented from cloth diapering. The solution was to start a diapering service and provide a retail location in Southern New Hampshire. In the end, Kim realized in order to provide everyone with enough options; a true dedicated cloth diaper store couldn't ever succeed without having all these entities in the company. 


GEBW today

GEBW is an established and successful company providing the region with the only commercial cloth diaper service and the Seacoasts only dedicated cloth diaper retail store open full-time. Every one of our customers is like family to us. For many, they have been with us before their children were born and watched their children grow size after size until their children have move onto potty learning. We hope that anyone who is interested or curious in cloth diapering joins us we look forward to meeting you.
We are open at our new location at 235 Calef Highway,  Epping, New Hampshire,

Store Hours

Mon: Closed
Tues-Fri: 12pm-4pm
Sat: 12pm-4pm
Sun: Closed
Kim is also available for consultation by appointment and holds classes and workshops regularly.