Diaper Service

Green Earth Baby Works Cloth Diaper Service

Each week we will deliver 100% cotton diapers to your door!  No need to wash or dunk dirty diapers!  No need to add any extra laundry to your already busy week, we will do the dirty work for you! 

How it Works

Each week you will put out the dirty diapers and we will drop you off fresh clean cotton diapers.  The dirties that you leave out one week you will get back clean the next.  

Pre Birth Drop Off 80 Diapers

Week 1 Drop off 80 diapers, pick up 74* 

Week 2 Drop off 74* diapers, Pick up 72*

Week 3 Drop off 72* diapers, Pick up 76*

Week 4 Drop off 76* diapers, pick up 70*

and so on.  

*number of picked up diapers is an approximate guess.  We pick up only the dirty diapers you used that week.  

Diaper Sizes

Size Weight Range Diapers Per Week
Newborn 4 to 12 lbs 80 diapers per week for a total of 160 diapers
Small 10 to 16 lbs 70 diapers per week for a toal of 140 diapers
Medium 15 to 30 lbs 60 diapers a week for a total of 120 diapers
Large 25 to 40 lbs 50 diapers a week for a total of 100 diaper 

Add Cloth Wipes

Add cotton velour and flannel wipes to make your cloth diaper service complete!  Just $2.50 per week will get you 100 wipes per week for a total of 200 cloth wipes.  

Our delivery service is designed for those who want their children in cloth diapers but don’t have the time to do the extra loads of laundry every week. Green Earth Baby Works Diaper Service is designed with the following in mind 

  • Simplified plans with expandability and customization to meet your needs- based on weekly pickups and drop-offs 
  • No long-term contracts 
  • Cost savings when compared to using disposable AND no more inconvenient late night trips to the store 
  • “Green” detergents and all-natural fiber cloth diapers 
  • A “Green” facility that meets the Real Diaper Industry Associations (RDIA) standard with machines that use less water, minimize detergents, and use less heat and energy to run 
  • “Drive-time” optimization/tracking and delivery vehicles that are suited to the most efficient use of energy cost 
  • All of our associates will be trained in cloth diaper usage and maintenance. Additionally, all our employees have extensive background checks using a third-party screening company so that you can feel safer working with us. 
  • Discounts and free delivery for any product from our retail store or web site 
  • Cooperative partnerships with day care centers 
  • Starting at  $15-35/week get clean diapers delivered to your door weekly. 

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GEBW is a compliant company that meets and exceeds industry standards that include:

  • High Efficiency Industrial Commercial Washer/Extractors and dryers that utilize 1/10th the water and energy than residential machines with far better results.
  • Mechanically fed detergent(s) using time-tested and proprietary formulations to maximize cleaning efforts without excessive use of chemicals.  The result – a happy baby’s bottom without unnecessary trace chemical in the material.
  • High Efficiency Commercial on-demand hot water heaters that can provide the consistent high temperatures required to properly clean/sterilize commercial diapers.  Residential hot water heaters and washing machines simply cannot handle these temperatures.
  •  Single user diaper sets per customer.  Our customers are loaned a set of diapers for the time that you have the service, your diapers are your diapers until you size up or are finished.  We rigorously strip the diapers between users.
  • Established quality control and assurance procedures to include chemical testing, clean verification processing, diaper coding, and a routine inspection/maintenance schedule.
  • Employees that are required to clear criminal and safe driver screening.

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As with anything, it is up to you to make the decision of what is best for your child.  Be sure to get the facts about the methods and equipment being used before choosing any diaper service.