Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental

 Looking to cloth diaper from birth without paying for newborn diapers your baby will outgrow in a few months or just looking for a way to try out cloth diapering without investing a lot of money?  Our newborn cloth diaper rental may be the perfect solution for you.

Our rental program is specifically designed to be able to test out cloth diapering, and a range of styles and brands before you purchase your own diapers.  Our program saves families money by allowing them to test cloth diapers without a large upfront investment, and without the costly investment of newborn diapers that little ones quickly outgrow.  We strive to offer exchanges for the price of shipping for diapers that do not fit your little one, so you have the most successful experience possible. 

It is important to note that each diaper / brand will fit a bit different and not all diapers will fit all babies perfectly.  Some diapers run smaller and will fit best on the lower end of the weight range and some will fit a bit better closer to 9 lbs. While we strive to be able to exchange newborn diapers that don't work for families, we can only do that based on diaper availability.  We can always exchange for pre-folds which are the most forgiving and customizable during the newborn stage. Often diapers will start fitting as your little one continues to grow.

Our business is focused heavily on our rental program and helping families get started with cloth diapering.  Part of what makes this successful is that we are a small mom and pop store that strives to give all customers individualized attention and support.  The other part is seeking out the diapers that we feel are most likely to give our customers the best experiences and the most value for their dollar.  This means that we do the hard work of weeding through dozens of brands to find the best, not necessarily the ones with the largest marketing budgets, so you don't have to. 

As I'm sure you have noticed, we run one of the most flexible and affordable programs on the market.  We are able to keep our program so competitive because of our customers' support in purchasing a significant portion of their diapers and accessories from us as they go. 


*See bottom of page for more information.

Here are the available Rental slots available for the upcoming months:

  • October 2016: 3
  • November 2016: 5
  • December 2016: 5
  • January 2017: 10
  • February 2017: 10

Still have questions?  Let us know!

Ready to sign up? 

If you haven't already filled out our Rental Agreement please complete that first.  You will be redirected back here to pay afterwards. 

The deposit is based on your non-refundable Program Fee.  It is based on the number of babies you are signing up. You will be charged your program specific deposit by credit card over the phone prior to your rental kit shipping.  

*Please Note* Your deposit is refundable up to 60 days prior to rental starting.  After that it is non-refundable due to us having processed and prepped your diapers.


  • How it Works
  • Rental Packages
  • Costs
  • Other Information
  • Choose a Program (Prefolds or Premium Rental)
  • Choose Diapers (Choices vary by rental program) 
  • Pay $25 Program Fee & Rental Deposit
  • We mail your diapers to you for the date of your choosing.
  • Keep the diapers as long as you want.
  • Contact us for a return shipping label when you are finished with the diapers.
  • USPS will pick up your diapers at your home for the day of your choosing.
  • Choose Cash Back or Store Credit and receive your refund.
  • If you choose to keep any of the diapers or accessories you will be billed for them at a discounted rate.

All Packages Include: 

  • 24 New & Gently used newborn diapers
  • 1 pack disposable liners
  • 3 Night / Nap Time Doublers
  • Detergent
  • Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream
  • Gently used Pail Liner
  • Gently used Wet Bag
  • Cloth Wipes
  • Complete care instructions.
  • Free shipping to and from us.
  • At home pick up for your diapers when shipping back to us.
  • Email and phone support for the length of your rental and afterwords if you continue to cloth diaper. 

Specific Programs:

  • Prefolds: You receive 24 Cotton Prefolds, 2 Snappis and  covers. $100 deposit.
  • Premium: You choose any combination of All-in-ones, pockets, Fitteds, and Prefolds. $175 deposit.
  • Twins
    • We offer $25 off the second rental package and $10 off the second deposit.
    • Monthly Fees: $30 per baby a month for the store credit option and $60 per baby for the cash back option.
  Cost Overview:
  • Non-Refundable Program Fee: $25
  • Deposit ($100 - $175 depends on Program Selection)
    • Prefold Rental: $100 Deposit
    • Premium Rental: $175 Deposit
  •  Monthly Costs
    • $30 / month (for those receiving store credit)
    • $60 / month (for those receiving cash back)
      • Shipping: Free shipping.
      • Any costs for non-returned or damaged products.
    Program breakdown for store credit and cash back options based on Premium Rental Pricing, using a 2 month rental as an example:
    Store Credit Program:
    $200 Upfront Costs ($25 Program Fee + $175 Deposit)
    -$25 (Program Fee is not refunded)
    -$60 (2 months of rental at $30/month)
    $115 Back in Store Credit
    Cash Back Program:
    $200 Upfront Costs ($25 Program Fee + $175 Deposit)
    -$25 (Program Fee is not refunded)
    -$120 (2 months of rental at $60/month)
    $55 Refunded in the form of a check
    Some things to note:
    1. The upfront cost is the same no matter which way you get refunded. 
    2. You do not have to decide how you get refunded upfront, but with a rental of 3 or more months, you would no longer have enough money in your deposit to do cash back, so your only option would be store credit. 

    • You will be required to submit a valid credit card with your order. If anything is damaged, lost or stolen your card will be billed for the full retail value of those items.
    • Please try to register for your rental at LEAST 8 weeks prior to wanting to receive them in order to ensure all of your diaper selections are available to ship for your desired date.  Orders placed with less than 8 weeks notice may be limited to the selection we have on hand.  If you need them immediately please let us know but you mat be subject to rush fees.
    • Your deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to rental starting.  After that it is non-refundable due to us having processed and prepped your diapers.
    • Expecting a Premie? Need More or Fewer Diapers? Contact Us for pricing.