Olives & Applesauce - Soft Structured Carrier

  • $ 149.99

Our full buckle carriers are convenient and comfortable for both the quick trips into the store and the day long outings that you may have planned. Our carriers come in a standard 16" inch size that will work well from birth with the use of our infant insert up until the time that they are begging you to walk on their own.

The hood also tucks into the body of the carrier when not in use to create a handy pocket. The carriers feature elastic bands to keep the extra webbing out of the way and another band at the waist to roll it up when it's not being used.Each carrier has an internal harness allowing it to be used from birth safely with out the need to buy additional pieces. The harness can be used into toddler-hood as an aid for back carries if you wish or pushed to the back of the carrier if you wish not to use it.

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Read instruction manual thoroughly and follow all instructions.

For more Instructional videos please visit out video library.


It is going to be necessary to clean your carrier from time to time, after all it is intended to be used often and little ones are experts at getting things dirty. Avoid letting your child eat or drink in the carrier to avoid unnecessary spills or stains. It is best to spot treat your carrier with a damp cloth and cool water to remove dirt or stains and then lay it flat to dry. If it is necessary to wash the entire carrier you will need to place it in a pillowcase and wash it alone on the gentle cycle with cold water. Do not use bleach. Lay it flat to dry, do not dry in the dryer. You may use a warm iron if necessary taking care to avoid the webbing and buckles.



There is a one year non-transferable warranty on all carriers that are sold through Olives and Applesauce or one of our accepted retailers. The warranty applies only to the construction of the materials and does not cover normal wear and tear. Shipping charges will be reimbursed for the original owner if there is a manufacture defect, otherwise it is the responsibility of the current owner to pay for the shipping.

Custom carriers will be covered for the materials that I use, but not for the panel or print fabrics. This means that the strap materials and snaps are covered, the silk that you might choose is not.