Simple Wipe Solution Concentrate

$ 16.00

Why not make your own wipes?! This easy to use concentrate will save you time and money, plus you'll be satisfying that DIY urge you know you have. It's gently scented for sensitive skin, and makes over 600 2ply wipes or over 1,000 1ply wipes. You can even use it with paper towel for a disposable option.


Just use 20 drops + 2 cups distilled water, or a TBLS to one gallon of water. Mix and pour in spray bottle, or soak on wipes. It is safe and effective.

1 fl. oz.



  • Ingredients:

Nothing you can't pronounce: Grapeseed oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Vitamin E, Organic Lavender Essential oil, Organic Rosemary Essential oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential oil.